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Our Vision

The Musical History was born as a project to gather all those icons and legends of music from different decades in a single portal.

When lovers of music of the past seek information from their favorite artists, what they get are outdated pages, short reports, disorganized videos, without relevant information and in some cases with links to non-existent sites.

In our portal you can find relevant information of those artists always, when they were born, their real names, their best themes, links to their sites of videos or songs, how they started, their path to success, albums sold, prizes won, discography, records that broke and even, in some cases, why many disappeared.

We started with the decade of the 80`s and step by step new information will be added from all the possible artists, as well as, they will be adding decades like the 70`s, 60`s, 50`s and so on, then they will be added the 90’s and the 2000’s. Maybe you ask yourself, why the 90’s and the 2000’s would be added last? Well, the purpose of our portal is to gather first the oldest information and then the most recent one.

You will also find artist by continent, so that, although there are artists who have not had an international impact on a global level, many have left indelible marks in specific regions or continents.

One of our peculiarities is that we have links to music stations of various ages on the internet, we also listen to our visitors taking into account their opinions and suggestions and if any artist does not appear on our website we can evaluate it and add it in the next month’s update, If some link stops working you can simply report it briefly to our mail and we will find a way to solve it in the shortest possible time.

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Our History

As passionate about music we have sought to know much more than just songs, we always want to know what happened to those artists, the details, moments and situations that surrounded the creators of those pieces that were left for the musical history. The information is scattered throughout the network and the amount of sources and versions about many artists costs to compile and consolidate it, in this way, we have created for you The Musical History a portal where you can enjoy all those topics and you can also know all that information that you did not have and those details that you always wanted to know.

We hope that this work will please all of you, because it has been done with seriousness, professionalism and passion.



Santiago Fernández R. (DJ_Santos)

Founder & Content Editor


David Fernández R.

Social Media Manager & Multilingual Content Editor