Biography of Alphaville

Alphaville is a German synth-pop and new wave band which gained popularity in the 1980s. The founding members were lead singer Marian Gold (real name: Hartwig Schierbaum, born 26 May 1954 in Herford), Bernhard Lloyd (real name: Bernhard Gössling, born 2 June 1960 in Enger), and Frank Mertens (real name: Frank Sorgatz, born 26 October 1961 in Enger). They achieved chart success with the singles «Forever Young», «Big in Japan», «Sounds Like a Melody», «Jet Set», «Dance with Me», «Jerusalem», and «Romeos».

In 1982, the singer Marian Gold and the keyboardist Bernhard Lloyd were part of a musical project called Nelson Community, there they formed a band called Chinchilla Green that did not prosper. That same year, Lloyd formed a band with Frank Mertens, another keyboardist, then they called Gold to be the singer, in this way the band Forever Young was born, which would later be renamed Alphaville.

In 1983, Alphaville released their first single titled Big in Japan, which would soon become a worldwide hit and which, along with Sounds Like a Melody, would be a foretaste of their album Forever Young, which also included the hit of the same name. Despite the success, Frank Mertens leaves the band and is replaced by Ricky Echolette on keyboards and guitar, who was their partner in Chinchilla Green.

In 1986, they released another single called Dance with Me that would have great success, as a preview of their second album entitled Afternoons in Utopia. In 1988, they released a compilation containing all the singles of the band until that moment and, the following year, they released The Breathtaking Blue, which included the single Romeos.

Alphaville took several years to edit their next album, meanwhile, Marian Gold made a solo album in 1992. It is in 1994 when Alphaville made their fourth studio album, called Prostitute. In 1996, Ricky Echolette left the band but left some contributions for the album Salvation, which would be released the following year.

Between 1997 and 2010, Alphaville only publishes compilation and rarity albums. But by 2003, the band mutated again with the departure of Bernhard Lloyd. The formation was then with Gold as a singer, Martin Lister on keyboards, Dave Goodes on guitar and Jakob Kiersch on drums. In 2010, they released their sixth studio album called Catching Rays on Giant.

On May 21, 2014, keyboardist Martin Lister died. In 2017 the group publishes a new studio album, entitled Strange Attractor.

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